Lathala Creative Studios started out as a side project in our apartment living room in 2018. As art lovers, we wanted to create product photography through a more colorful lens. Instead of sticking to the conventional way of shooting objects, we decided to incorporate whimsical elements into our work and treat every image as a still life masterpiece.


Within months, agencies and businesses both in the US and abroad began to notice our work, asking us to create content for their websites and social media. Thanks to them, we were able to turn our passion into a full-fledged business in a relatively short time. 


In April 2019, we transferred to our new photography studio on the second floor of Causeway Office Center in Clearwater, Florida. Originally a commercial space from the 70s, it features “granny-chic” wallpaper and dark blue carpet we’ve come to love. 

Apart from the area’s unique decor, it comes fully equipped with everything from shooting tables to studio lights that can handle any small to medium-sized products. With a few well-placed props, we can easily produce anything from a sunny Tuscan dinner scene to highly conceptual gravity-defying abstractions within the studio’s confines.


What makes us different is that we don’t consider ourselves product photographers but as imagineers. We like to think beyond catalogs and white backgrounds. Although we treat our work seriously, we’re still kids at heart who love to tackle everything with curiosity and playfulness–and it shows in every image we take.


If you like our photos and are curious to see our work, feel free to drop by our photography studio in Tampa, FL or contact us! We would love to get in touch and show you the magic we do. 🙂