We Moved to Lathala Creative Studios 3.0

Due to all the products and props we receive on a regular basis, our need for storage also grows. So since we started Lathala Creative Studios in 2019, we’ve moved three times to accommodate our expanding inventory and clients.

Despite the threat of the pandemic in 2021, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve found a new studio that we’re confident we’ll be staying in for a few years. Are you curious about what this new space has to offer? Follow us as we show you around!


Shooting Table 1

For those of you who have seen some of our behind-the-scenes shots, then you’re probably familiar with our trusty shooting table. It has the usual background mount that holds four rolls of seamless paper. But this time, we also now have a background rack where we can conveniently store up to six four-foot and eight-foot backgrounds.


Shooting Table 2

Now that we have a bigger space, we also now have a second shooting table which we use for regular lifestyle shots. It serves as a platform where we construct realistic sets that could look anything from a section of a bathroom to a kitchen.


Portrait Studio

Apart from the shooting tables, we now also have a “portrait” studio. The word portrait is in quotations because we don’t normally associate ourselves as portrait photographers. But now, we’re excited that we can now shoot anything from catalog images to beauty shots and even large products on a regular basis.


Bar on Wheels

We started our business photographing bottles and cocktails for social media and marketing use. Unfortunately, our old studios were too small to let us work efficiently. That’s why we’re thankful to have a mobile bar we can push around to create cocktails anywhere in our new space. It has racks and shelves for glasses and even a little cupboard for storing cocktail shakers and other bar tools.


Prop Shelves

Storing props was quite a headache for us in our old studio because we simply did not have enough space for them. So when we finally had the keys to our new studio, our first goal was to create shelving for all the trinkets we often use for our projects. Now, if we need anything, we just unfold our small ladder and grab the items we want!


Prop Room

Apart from the prop shelves, we also have a room dedicated to other props we regularly use for our photo shoots. It’s where we store larger items such as cheese boards and all sorts of bowls and plates. You’ll also find baking equipment here as well as garnishes for cocktails among hundreds of other items.


Office Space

This unassuming area has become a multi-purpose hub for all sorts of activities. In the morning, it’s where we answer emails and do some business-related stuff. In the afternoon, this is typically where we do our editing. And of course, when we’re on a short break, this is also where we spend our time browsing Instagram and Pinterest!



When photographing lifestyle shots, the sets we build wouldn’t look realistic without our backgrounds. When we started, we only had about four wooden planks that we used as backdrops over and over again. But this time, we now have everything from window frames to marble slabs and faux vinyl brick walls to recreate any surface we need for our projects.


Thanks for joining our tour!

Having a small business is always quite a journey, and we’d like to thank you–our friends, colleagues, and loyal clients for being there every step of the way. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible at all! 😀

Been eyeing us for a while? Contact us and let’s create some magic together!

P.S. By the way, we released our very first book. If you’re a budding product photographer, this is for you!