I still remember laughing when Daphne decided to attach “Studios” to our business name when we were just starting. I thought it was funny because the fact was we were churning out photos in our tiny living room. But she told me that it was all about projecting success; that the word “studios” itself was going to propel us to make all our plans a reality.

Our old 250 sq. ft. studio

Just a few months later, we had enough clients to let us rent our very first photography studio. What we found was a small 250 square foot space with peeling wallpaper plastered on the walls.

We both knew that it wasn’t the perfect place, but we were grateful that we even had a tiny office, to begin with. And from that tiny wall-papered studio, we produced tons of work that allowed us to expand our business even more.

In January 2020, our business was finally big enough to justify renting an even bigger space. And after about a month of working on our new space, we now officially welcome you to Lathala Creative Studio(s) 2.0!

So why the parentheses around the ‘S’? It’s because we don’t have more than one studio, yet.

But the good news is that we now have sections dedicated to color background/lifestyle photography, fashion shoots, and e-commerce photography!

Plus, we also now have space for a small office with a coffee station…

and even a prop room where we store all of our precious props and backgrounds.

Although we still don’t have that warehouse-type photography studio we dream about yet, we feel very fortunate about what we’ve achieved so far. And the idea of naming our business Lathala Creative Studios isn’t as funny to me anymore, because I now believe that if we continue working hard, those parentheses around the S will soon be unnecessary.