The Product Photography Handbook You’ve Been Waiting For!!!

We’re excited to announce that our ebook Products in Focus, in partnership with ExpertPhotography, is finally out!

Products in Focus is an easy-to-use product photography handbook that guides you through all the crucial processes of commercial photography. We wrote it in a way that’s easy for beginners to understand but is still every bit as valuable to even the most seasoned professionals.

What will you learn from this product photography handbook?

When ExpertPhotography asked us to write an ebook, we immediately thought about incorporating the latest trends that resonate with social media savvy creatives.

Our ebook contains everything you will need, from taking e-commerce photos to creating organic lifestyle images. It also includes tutorials on how to build colorful sets for conceptual photography.

Apart from showing you the practical aspects of product photography, our ebook will also guide you through the editing process. We’ll teach you how to organize files, achieve correct colors, and retouch products to make them advertising-worthy.

And once you become familiar with the basics, we also included valuable advanced techniques such as 360 product photography, focus stacking, and compositing, among others!

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So, why should you get it?

If you haven’t noticed yet, product photography is a growing industry, and you shouldn’t be surprised if it outgrows wedding photography in the next few years.

Unfortunately, most of the books available for product photography are now a bit obsolete and feature outdated aesthetics. This ebook solves that issue using modern techniques (and time-tested ones) to create photos that are relatable to newer generations of creators.

But what makes this ebook unique is how it shows you to create professional-quality images using affordable equipment. Product photography is notorious for its need for expensive tools. But we made a conscious effort to work with only speedlights and other gadgets that won’t break the bank.

The techniques you’ll learn in this ebook are scalable. Each chapter offers options for both absolute beginners with minimal budget and pros with access to more expensive equipment.

But no matter your skill level, you’ll find that our ebook is easy to follow and understand. We minimized our use of jargon and focused on how you can start working in your studio right away.

You can get a copy of our product photography handbook by clicking the link below:

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