Looking for a product photographer? We’re Chad and Daphne, a Tampa Bay creative duo specializing in commercial photography and stop-motion animation, and we have just what you need!

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With a background in visual arts and digital marketing, we’ve carved a playful approach to product photography.

We believe that even things have personalities, so we strive to create images that reflect the uniqueness of your product.


Hello, my name is Chad! My passion for photography began when I was a kid in the Philippines. My mom bought me a toy film camera and since then, I became obsessed with capturing people, moments, and things, and describing them in colorful detail through my written work. I tend to spend a lot my time day dreaming but thankfully, it’s a great asset when shooting conceptual photos so that’s good news for both you and me!

Hello! Daphne here! People may find it difficult to pin me down with a single descriptor since I have so many passions in life. I’ve been a book editor, blogger, influencer, social media strategist, marketing pro, and now a photographer and photo stylist. Think of me as a creative Swiss knife who can do anything from creating and executing concepts and styling sets with precision.


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